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Don Cooper Private Video Analysis

Your own private video analysis is a video file using a side-by-side comparison of your pitching delivery against a pitcher demonstrating correct mechanics. This allows you to visually see the movements required by highlighting with lines and arrows the format needed for the most efficient positions. This includes Don Cooper's instructions explaining the side-by-side comparison as well clear directions on what needs to be fixed along with pitching drills used by the pros to help you improve in the areas most needed.

One way for pitching coaches to assist in the understanding of mechanical efficiency and baseball pitching injuries, is to analyze your pitching mechanics. In order to do so, a technique known as motion analysis will be used as a tool for evaluating your private video.

For our video analysis, we would need three pitches from two viewpoints - side view and front view. This will allow our team to use the best pitches in order to compare you side-by-side to a pitcher demonstrating the correct pitching mechanics. We then deliver a finished product that will maximize performance while minimizing injuries.

Digital Camcorder Information
Everything you do in regards to giving a lesson revolves around the capture and replay of video in a crystal clear frame-by-frame format. Manual Shutter Speed control in the camcorder is the critical component used in the video capture process which enables our software to replay the video with exceptional clarity. Some camcorders use the ‘Sports Mode’ feature instead of Manual Shutter Speed, this produces a blurred image through the critical impact area…avoid cameras with a ‘Sports Mode’. Avoid motion analysis companies who recommend camcorders with ‘Sports Mode’. Sony cameras use 'Sports Mode' and are not recommended.

Step 1 - Make a video

  • Make a video of the pitching delivery using three pitches from the front and three pitches from the side to be analyzed.

Step 2 - Pay for the analysis selected

  • Pay for the analysis where applicable: for individual pitcher or take advantage of team discounts for multiple pitchers being analyzed. Payments are made through securely through PayPal and can be made from either a PayPal account or major credit card.
Don Cooper Private Video Analysis

Step 3 - Send the video

  • Send us the video using any standard video recorder by uploading it to our website from your computer electronically after payment has been receieved. You will be automatically directed to the submission page after successful payment below has been made.